Every year on Memorial Day, City Youth Exposure hosts The Chairman’s Challenge and Sprint for Change. This event motivates our supporters and others in the community to improve their health and well-being. We believe that  consistency and dedication enable us to achieve anything we put our minds to, and The Chairman’s Challenge and Sprint for Change exemplify this belief. We bring people together from all walks of life to celebrate commitment in honor of the holiday, to encourage positive change, and to promote collective effort in supporting CYE and one another in achieving our goals. Below, you will discover what this extraordinary event is about, as we provide highlights and pictures that capture moments worth remembering. Scroll down to delve into this amazing experience. Enjoy!

The Chairman's Challenge

Created by our Chairman, André Farr, The Chairman’s Challenge engages all in living healthier and happier lives through three cornerstones—exercise, rest, and diet. Mr. Farr uses his influence to bring chairmen and chairwomen, chief executives, industry leaders, and the community together to motivate them to take active leadership in their health. Participants complete full-body workouts and learn about wholesome food options that contribute to building and maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle.


As part of The Chairman’s Challenge, participants are encouraged to create their own “challenge” that can help them produce desirable outcomes related to the three cornerstones. In benefit of CYE, The Chairman’s Challenge events are hosted throughout the year at different locations to keep everyone involved, encouraged, and inspired during their transformational process. The Chairman’s Challenge is all about setting goals, supporting one another, celebrating achievements, and enjoying the benefits of good health. We invite all to become a part of this great initiative. What change do you want to make in your life? Join us if you’re ready to take on your CHALLENGE!

Sprint For Change

The Sprint for Change is a symbolic running event where each runner represents one of CYE’s most valued contributors who help us best serve our youth—donors, parents, staff, and volunteers. Track and field is a passion point for our founder and executive director Layah Willis who was an athlete in the sport. She recognized that, similar to the sport of track and field, working within the nonprofit arena requires authentic passion and ultimate dedication from everyone involved, in order to overcome hurdles and to win individually and as a team. For the Sprint for Change, Layah runs a 4×100 meter relay with Olympians who are champions for CYE. This year’s relay team featured track and field Olympic gold medalists Quincy Watts, Steve Lewis and Joanna Hayes.


At CYE, we invest time and resources into properly nurturing our children’s growth and dreams. We come together to do our part to change the trajectory of underserved youth by delivering incredible experiences that open minds, clear paths, and create visionaries. The Chairman’s Challenge and Sprint for Change event allows us to bring people together to support the creation of necessary change in how our children learn, grow, and beat the odds against them. Active participation of CYE’s key partners enable us to perform at the capacity necessary to win in mission and impact. Teamwork is the driving force behind this highly anticipated event. We are a team. We are a community. We win together! What impact do you want to make in a child’s life, and why? Join us if you’re ready to make that CHANGE!


Remembering Great Moments


Whether they connected with CYE’s family and friends or met new people, our supporters were glad to do something positive for themselves and the community together.


The Smoothie Bar

The event featured a smoothie bar that included tasty snack bars and choices of delicious, refreshing chocolate, vanilla or chai vegan smoothies blended with fresh fruit. Everyone was able to recharge after finishing an awesome workout!

Amazing Performance

The Sprint for Change team ran an awesome race! The crowd cheered the team on from the finish line as the Olympians and Layah showed up and showed out. By watching the runners, attendees grew even more inspired to strive for greater health and a better fitness level.


Amazing Results

Attendees Experienced A Newfound Motivation

The Chairman’s Challenge gave participants an opportunity to learn about how to improve their health and provided a new approach to do it collectively in a fun and meaningful way. The Sprint for Change team’s performance was a motivational sensation as it inspired spectators to continue on with New Year’s resolutions, to recommit themselves to activities they’re passionate about, or to pursue new goals.

The Smoothie Bar was a Hit!

The smoothie bar was a staple for the event, as supporters found their protein packed, enriching smoothie to be an unexpected, but perfect treat. We like to show our supporters that we really appreciate them. CYE is known for its great surprises that make every experience memorable.


Complete Satisfaction!

Starting the holiday early with an intermediate workout and healthy food set a positive tone for the rest of the day for our attendees. They expressed how the event encouraged them to adjust their diet for the holiday and to take their health and eating habits more seriously. Sounds like the event was a success!


Reasons to Celebrate

Challenge Success

This year’s event marked the one-year anniversary since Mr. Farr committed to a plant-based diet and daily exercise challenge. He announced that he had lost over 70 pounds! Woo-hoo! Congratulations, Mr. Farr! Keep up the great work!

Brought People Together For The Holiday

Holidays bring people together to honor historical events and acts of kindness, dedication, and love. We celebrate Memorial Day by creating an experience that leaves a positive mark on people’s lives. We like to show our gratitude for those who gave their lives for our country by valuing ourselves and one another a bit more and helping us all do what it takes to live life at our best.

Building Community

We enjoy showing appreciation to our supporters and encouraging everyone to share more time doing positive things with new people and those they love. This event brings people together to support a remarkable cause and to build community. We invite more to join us and experience the togetherness and inspiration that make this event unique and special.



The best part about putting on an event is working with and spending time with amazing people. We can’t express how much we are grateful for the businesses, organizations, and people who helped make this event possible and those who donated to CYE. With each experience that we share, we take a step closer to manifesting our vision of all children living with purpose and sharing their gifts with the world!

Thank you so much to the companies that generously supported CYE through this event. Your contribution helped make the Chairman’s Challenge and Sprint for Change an experience our supporters will remember. Thank you for making a huge difference in so many people’s lives!

Special thanks to Olympians Quincy Watts, Steve Lewis and Joanna Hayes for running for CYE and leading an awesome workout. You inspire us all to achieve the unimaginable.

Coaches, thank you for your helpful tips and contribution to the workout. You taught us new exercises to add to our workouts and techniques for how to take better care of our bodies. You’re the best!

Many thanks to our amazing intern and volunteers for sharing your time and talent with us. You did an awesome job and you were a blast to work with!

We are grateful to Mr. André Farr who helped us bring everyone together and showed us how to win! We couldn’t have done this without you.

Thank you to our donors for making CYE’s work possible! It is because of your support that we will continue on to create enlightening, awe-inspiring experiences that change children’s lives. We deeply appreciate the families and participants for spending your holiday morning with us. You are all amazing!

We look forward to more surprises and bigger smiles at The Chairman’s Challenge and Sprint for Change next year. Cheers to continued collaborations, new beginnings, great adventures, and healthy living throughout 2016 and beyond! Until next time…

With Gratitude,

– The CYE Family

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