Video Game Company Experience

City Youth Exposure teamed up with world renowned game design and development companies, Sony Santa Monica Studio and Activision to teach aspiring game designers how incredible gaming experiences are created and to introduce them to related careers. Scroll down to learn more about this exciting experience.

Toured Studios

The group toured the amazing Sony Santa Monica Studio where PlayStation® products are created. The youth visited each department where they learned about the entire process of designing and developing a game, starting from the drawing pad all the way to seeing characters being brought to life! The group also toured the offices at Activision, the developers of the action/adventure game Skylanders, making this an even more exciting experience for the young men.

Learned from Professionals

In the board room, the kids were developers for the day. They came up with a concept for a new video game during a meeting facilitated by production and design team leaders. They brainstormed about the game’s characters, levels, and more. The group also learned about the various departments and team members that work closely together to complete projects, such as engineers, artists, producers, and writers. The group was also shown firsthand by designers and developers themselves how they do their work, and who shared with the group the necessary steps they took to be working their dream jobs.

Engaged in Cool Learning Activities

In addition to the board room experience, the kids participated in cool activities that enabled them to see how a game comes together. The young men not only had the chance to test the finished product, but they also were able to hear their own voices in an actual game!  

Prepared for the Future

City Youth Exposure’s goals were to expose the young men to what could be their reality, to better increase their knowledge about how to prepare for a career they desire, and to inspire them to achieve their goals. In collaboration with the teams at Sony Santa Monica Studio and Activision, we achieved these goals. As a result of this experience, the kids:

  • Have more information about the steps they need to take in order to become a member of a game design and development team
  • Know they have the support of City Youth Exposure, team members at leading game development companies, and many others
  • Are aware of tools they can use to develop their skills
  • Are even more motivated to do what it takes to be successful.

Thank You Sony Santa Monica & Activision!

You are all an inspiration. Thank you for investing in our youth and making this an unforgettable learning experience.

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